Following 25 years of success as a creative and digital agency, Pillory Barn has now launched PB Lite, a platform offering excellent value website creation packages. All PB Lite sites are designed and built in-house to ensure a fast, optimised and fully-responsive end product.

Our main vision for PB Lite is to increase the accessibility of great developers that are often financially out of reach for small businesses. By customising base code, our talented developers are able to create quality websites quickly.

Content management system

PB Lite is a micro framework built on top of WordPress and there are a number of benefits to using our content management system. By using the version of WordPress that we do, your website will be far more secure and less susceptible to hackers. The CMS also allows us to create websites with high functionality and customisability to offer personalised and unique websites in a fraction of the time.

Throughout the whole design and build process consideration is given to user experience. This means that whether people are accessing your site from their mobile device or on a desktop computer, it is completely consistent in the way it looks and functions.

Many people are familiar with the CMS and even if you’re not it is an extremely user-friendly platform, meaning that once the website has been built it will be easy for you to update.

Responsive Image gallery

It is often said that a picture can paint a thousand words, so with this in mind we want to make sure that the imagery on your website encourages your brand message as much as your copy does.

All images are compressed for speed, without sacrificing on quality, which means that a fast website and high-resolution images can go hand-in-hand. We will also optimise the images so that they will adapt according to the size of screen that the website so that they work flawlessly inside the responsive templates. You can host your website on our own secure server, which also allows images to be downloaded quickly.

Multiple social media feeds

We completely understand that the social media for your business can be as important as your website. Your social media presence can also be really helpful in driving traffic to your website, so with this in mind we can incorporate your feeds into the design of the website. This goes beyond being a widget or an external link to be fully embedded into the code of the website so it is seamlessly part of the website itself.

Eeles Plastering and The Wellbeing Symposium websites are great examples of where we have fully integrated Twitter feeds into websites, which works especially well for companies wishing to give live updates to visitors of their website. For businesses with a more visual message we are also able to incorporate an Instagram feed into your website too.

GDPR compliant enquiry form

Ever since it came into force in May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a hot topic of discussion among businesses. In principal, it is a new piece of legislation that sets out the guidelines for how personal data can be used, stored, and processed.

With stricter consequences for data breaches, it is even more important for businesses to seek permission for data and make it clear how they are going to use it. In light of this all of the enquiry forms on PB Lite websites are GDPR compliant. We are able to take care of both your contact form and your privacy policy. While all of our enquiry forms conform to GDPR guidelines, Singleton Environment Centre is a particularly good example of this.

Homepage Content slider

Your homepage is the first thing that people will see when they go on your website, so it is important that it looks exactly how you want it to. The option of having a homepage content slider can really help with this as it enables you to have the latest website content or images on a carousel.

The content slider is a dynamic way of ensuring users of your website understand your brand identity. This can be in the form of eye-catching images as is the case with The Mason Mile website we created or alternatively, it can be used to keep those visiting your website up-to-date with your latest news.

Embedded Google Analytics

When your website is complete, it is important to understand exactly how it is performing and Google Analytics is a great way to do this. From website views and how long users are on a page to bounce rates, it is a really informative platform to show what is working or not working on your website.

We are happy to use your existing Google Analytics or set up an account on your behalf to help monitor all aspects of site traffic that you need. You can then use the data to make informed decisions about the future of your website.

Custom options available

As PB Lite is developed completely in-house we can be entirely flexible to your specific needs. If you wish to go beyond our PB Lite framework, our developers can add custom functionality, for example, testimonials, case studies and e-commerce capabilities.

Additional functionality is quoted separately, but we will give you an honest price for what you are asking for. This option of enhancing your website at any point means that your website is future-proofed so it can grow as your business grows.